Rustic Wedding Itinerary Palette

Rustic Wedding Itinerary Palette

Whether the affair is indoors or out, a country wedding is the place to showcase your love for all things rustic and vintage. And for a cowgirl on a budget using items that you can find and re-purpose is ideal!

How about turning that old wooden palette into your wedding itinerary!


Supply List:

1 Wooden palette

1 Drop Cloth

1 Hammer

1 Bucket

1 Quart of Paint (Your color of choosing) We Suggest a Light Color

Acrylic Craft Paint 2 oz Bottle – Dark Color So Your Writing Stands Out


1 Cup of Water

3” Paint Brush

½” Paint Brush

Dried or Fresh Flowers to Attach to Palette


Let’s Get Started!

  1. In a well-ventilated area layout, your drop cloth.
  2. Place your palette on drop cloth.
  3. With your hammer look over your palette and tap in nails that are not flush.
  4. Take your sandpaper and go over edges that you want smoother.
  5. In you bucket mix your paint and about 1 cup of water. The water will dilute the paint and help achieve the rustic look. If you do not want a distressed look. Do not add water.
  6. Take your 3” paint brush and start painting!
  7. Let your palette dry for about 2 hours
  8. After 2 hours you can either add another coat of paint or take your sandpaper and go over areas you want to distress more
  9. Let palette dry for another 2 hours
  10. With your ½” paint brush: Write your itinerary on each slat
  11. If you are using fresh flowers have your florist attach flowers to palette the day of the wedding


We hope this little project brings much joy to your wedding. Picture found on Pinterest.

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