Spreading A Little Luck

The horseshoe is probably one of the most well known good luck symbols of the Western world. Hanging a horseshoe above a doorway will protect the home and bring good luck. Many believe it's important to hang your horseshoe with the points upwards. This hanging position ensures the luck will not escape. Others believe that hanging the horseshoe with the points down ensures good luck poring down on everyone that walks underneath the horseshoe. 

No matter how you hang your horseshoe your belief behind the symbol is all that matters. Sometimes its the sight of a symbol like a horseshoe that gives you hope.  The sight of it encourages you to do your best and believe in your dreams. To have faith that "today" is going to be a  good day when its a difficult time. I think we treasure our symbols because they are tangible. The sight of them snaps us out of our daily grind and remind us of our ambitions. It reminds us that we are alive and have dreams! 

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