Fashion Forward Bandanas

Bandanas most popularized when Hollywood started making Western Movies Featuring John Wayne and Gene Autry. Today the cowgirl bandana is not only functional but fashionable. At Elusive Cowgirl Boutique we make sure our bandanas meet the standards of our fashion forward clients.

Each of our bandanas are handcrafted and have much added bling! Bandanas can be worn in your hair to protect your head from the hot sun, or as a head scarf, and some people wear bandanas even as leg bracelets or a wrist bracelets! We made sure to incorporate bandanas in our photo shoots so our clients visually see how versatile this old western staple is!

It's important to keep the bandana trend a live. The bandana has become a piece of fabric that has encompassed the western spirit. Trends will come and go but the western trend is always alive and always fashion forward. No matter how you dress up your bandana a true cowgirl or cowboy will know the significance of this historical piece of fabric.