Clear Fanny Packs For NFR

The new regulations at sporting events maybe tough but we have a fashionable solution for every Rhinestone Cowgirl! NFR, PBR, and other large sporting venues are prohibiting purses, totes, or backpacks.  The security measure will help keep all attendees safe and cut security check-out time.  

We all know a cowgirl’s purse makes the outfit. And these new regulations definitely hinder our style.  Not to worry we have a solution Cowgirl! Clear Fanny Packs. These clear Fanny Packs are perfect for that modern cowgirl with an edge. It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it around your waist or across your chest. The metallic accent adds a little pop of color.This Fanny pack is the perfect western accessory that can get you through security and hold all import items. Not to mention you are hands free. No more trying to balance your drinks with one hand and your purse in the other. The Fanny pack is the prefect solution for every event going cowgirl!

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