Western Holiday Tablescape

Western Holiday Tablescape that is on trend and easy to make.

The holidays are almost here and it’s always fun decorating the ranch. This year I wanted to decorate my dinning room table that would work for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I was looking for a western decor idea that was elegant and easy to make. I came across this Pumpkin and Antler idea on Pinterest last week. This Western centerpiece was so easy to make that I had to share with you!

What you will need to make this Western Tablescape:

2 Medium Sized Pumpkins

7 Small Pumpkins

3 Votive Candles

5 Bleached Antlers

4 Small Bunches of Flowers

If your table is longer than a standard sized kitchen table I would suggest doubling the materials needed. I love the white on white look in this picture. However, I’m a purest when it comes to fall colors. When I made this centerpiece I used orange pumpkins. And instead of white flowers I used yellow/orange roses. Some of our Elusive Cowgirl Boutique Facebook fans suggested spray painting the pumpkins silver or gold. This is a really great idea too! Whatever your décor color pallet is; you could paint and alter the colors of the pumpkins and flowers. This is a very versatile tablescape for everyone! Not to mention very cheap to make. Everyone is on a budget but that does not mean you can't decorate with flair. This whole project cost me $20 to make. I had the antlers and candles in my closet. If you did not have antlers you could use branches instead. And if you did not want to use flowers you could arrange fall colored leaves in a vase. I hope you have fun making this centerpiece!

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Photo credit: Pinterest

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