Decorating With Cactus

When I think of a Southwest landscape I imagine a baron, but majestic landscape dotted with 3 post cacti, blue sky, and big white puffy clouds. With over 2,000 cacti ranging in all different shapes and sizes it’s no wonder theses prickly succulents have captured the Southwest. The cactus has been incorporated in southwest decor, landscaping, Jewelry, and even fashion.  The Cacti can uphold in the most extreme tempters and are drought resistant.  Because of its adaptability to extreme conditions the cacti have come to symbolize endurance.

While surfing the web I found these fun decorating ideas with potted Cactus's.  All you do is change out your linens maybe add some roses to create a different themed table.  In addition, you are saving money because you are not throwing away your decor after your party! 

Cheers To Having a Awesome Dinner Party!